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For all card solutions provided by Bermel we have a range of network printing solutions for any environment and an interface to third party solutions such as Equitrac, PaperCut, PCounter and Pharos. Whether the printer resides on a network or is connected to a workstation charging for the service is easily implemented. Bermel offers two solutions for the control of network printing. The first is the print server application referred to as PRS and the second PC based logon software.

The PRS solution will need to set up a print server with a card reader and have all print jobs sent from workstations to the print server. When a student sends a print job these are all queued in the server by workstation ID and job name. The student selects the job from the server, inserts their card, the balance is checked and funds for the print job are deducted and the job is released. All activity from the server is logged for later analysis.

The PC based logon software option relies on all deductions from the card holder account based upon their unique logon which is opened when the user logs on which can control all print costing.

PaperCut is the leading solution to monitor, control, quota and report network printing and internet usage. PaperCut is renowned for its combination of powerful features and ease-of-use. It's a premium solution integrating the latest software technologies, innovative ideas and best features. PaperCut offers multi-platform solutions for Windows, Mac and Linux and is designed for networks of all sizes; from smaller schools to the largest universities and businesses.

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Network Printing

Network Printing
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The interface between Bermel and PaperCut is available for all card technologies supplied by Bermel...

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