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Unrivalled experience with educational institutions, acquired through years of supplying multi-application card systems, has given Bermel a unique understanding of the campus environment, its demands and expectations.

Our 1Card solutions are custom designed from  typical printed plastic cards through to intelligent credentials such as contactless smartcards, Mifare cards, HID compatible proximity cards and most other cards incorporating international RFID standards.  Our cards can be printed with true edge to edge full colour graphics, and can be customised to suit any need, from simple text, embossed personalised text, 2D and 1D barcodes.  All of our cards are produced at our in house facilities. Typical uses of the 1Card ID, door access control, POS and security. 

Our RFID tracking solutions utilise the latest internationally renowned Alien ISO 18000-6C UHF EPC Gen2 RFID technology embedded in tags, cards, wrist bands and adhesive labels. The Bermel RFID solutions are designed to be fully automated and easily integrated into existing systems to provide seamless and unobtrusive functionality. Implementing our UHF solutions, makes the process of keeping track of personnel and assets,  a quicker and easier procedure as UHF RFID provides read distances over 9 metres between tag and reader device and does not require direct line of sight to be successful. The flow on benefit of our solution is that it will assist staff in being able to locate personnel and other assets easily and free them up to complete more urgent tasks.

The Bermel secure wrist band, Health Care device can provide the location of the patients, physicians, nurses, police on duty and assist patients unable to communicate. The units features a built in Medical Information Storage (MIS) and four speed dial emergency numbers with SOS and has the added security lock wrist band and tamper detection. Ideal for preventing removal of wrist band for tracking patients.

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Bermel commence the marketing of a the GPS/GPRS patient tracking solution...

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